Our Hollywood Talent Consulting Firm’s Recognitions

The Young Hollywood has been recognized numerous times in many publications as an excellent resource for parents who want to have their kids pursue a show business career.

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Please note the publications' comments below.

The Orange County Register
Entertainment Section

The Young Hollywood offers parents the "know-how" and technique that it takes to make it in this very competitive field. In the position of a consultant, her goal is to help parents find a good, franchised Hollywood agent.

To show the parents the "right way" and what it takes in time and money to pursue a theatrical career for their children. Her service includes guidance in the signing of contracts, wardrobe and hairstyling, interview techniques, work permits, schooling, and workshops.

Orange County Business to Business
Entrepreneur Section

"It helps that I'm a mom that's been there," Henson said. "I help parents on a personal level. I help them package that child for presentation to an agent.”

It's her business to know what it takes to break into show business. What most entertainment professionals want to see in child actors and also in models is a certain "sparkle."

Orange County Business Journal
Entrepreneurs Section

"During the initial consultation, Henson tells parents the whole story about the business, not just the glamorous parts. There will be plenty of drives during rush hour traffic and more than a few TV dinners or Big Macs.

She also emphasizes that it is possible to raise normal, happy children who work in commercials and points to her own as proof. I have a reputation for not being a stage mother."

The Los Angeles Times
Business Section

Over 20 years ago, Phyllis Henson started her business. In between the long treks from Orange County to Los Angeles for auditions, Henson built her business by seeking referrals from all the agents and other show business people she met.

Many times, she said, her own children's careers suffered while she devoted her energy to helping other children. Today, her office walls are covered with pictures of her clients.

The Los Angeles Times
Orange County Enterprise

"Henson sees herself as a Hollywood matchmaker guiding Orange County parents who think their child has that special star quality through the mazes and pitfalls of the movie and television industry.

After being divorced and with three children to raise, Henson decided to start her consulting company by drawing on the knowledge she gleaned when trying to get her three children Wendy, Kelly, and Eric ¬ into show business."

The Orange County Register

If you have a dream for your child, you now have the opportunity to have the guidance of the "first" Hollywood consultant namely Phyllis Henson, who is the creative force behind The Young Hollywood.

The Young Hollywood also offers private studio consultations with parents where they can discuss the scope of show business and what it might hold forth for their child.

Her services also include finding the right photographers and printing resumes. Through her years of experience, she knows the "experts" who can put together the perfect finished product.

The Los Angeles Times
Orange County Life Section

The walls of Phyllis Henson's (The Young Hollywood founder and president) are plastered with photographs of smiling Hollywood hopefuls, from infants to 15-year-olds.

"There are a lot of kids on this wall that are making between $30,000 to $50,000 a year," Henson said. Many of the faces on her wall have garnered national visibility.

Orange Coast Magazine

If you think your child has what it takes to make it big in commercials or films, why not ask an expert and find out? Phyllis Henson of The Young Hollywood can spot star potential. “I'm the link between the parent and the agent" explains Henson.

"I'm the first and only person to have a service for parents." Henson is always scouting for new faces. " Who knows? Your child could become the next Mikey, the 3-year-old freckle-faced boy who is now putting himself through college with the money he earned with his brothers in a Life cereal commercial 15 years ago."

Airport Business Journal

Helping Orange County kids break into show business is her (Henson's) job. Whether she's advising a parent on clothing style or work permits, she is the one to talk to.

What Henson does do is make sure that your child does not become lost in the masses of wannabe-kid stars in Hollywood. "I can help match up children with the right agent," said Henson. I know what kind of look certain agencies like, as well as what age group they need."