Going the Extra Mile To Help Kids Make It Hollywood

The Young Hollywood is not a talent or modeling agency. We are here to help you find the legitimate and reputable ones. Our team caters to children and their parents across the U.S.



Provided in your 9 months service. Free Evaluation. one time fee $525 4-25 minutes Phone sessions

Personalise Guidance and Direction on how to proceed with

  • Homework
  • Submissions to the best agents for your child/childrens potential.
  • Interviews
  • Workshops or training if needed
  • Bookings

We are here for you

We are here for you

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Free 15-Minute Evaluation

Using photos, a short video, and information from parents, our team evaluates your child based on several factors like age, looks, following directions, reading, and "it" factor.

The meeting will help determine if your child has the potential for theatrical, commercial, or modeling work if they are ready to go to an agent, and how to prepare them. The Young Hollywood team will also answer questions such as:

  • Does my child need an agent?
  • What can we expect from an agent, and what will an agent expect from us?
  • Where should I look for agents?
  • How much money is historically made by artists?
  • What are the child labor laws and guidelines for children's income?
  • Does my child need legal paperwork, professional photos, composites, portfolios, etc.?
  • Does my child need workshops or training? Why?
  • Does my child get on-set schooling?
  • Are parents permitted on the set?
  • What kind of wardrobe does my child need for auditions and interviews?
  • What can my child expect in an interview with prospective agents?
  • How do commercial auditions work?
  • Does my child need a professional manager? What is their function, and how necessary are they?
  • What kind of investment, commitment, and responsibility will be expected of the parent?
  • What is the Coogan Law?
  • How do I avoid scams?
  • How can I protect my child?

To Pay with PayPal, please use the email: phyllishenson@hotmail.com

To Pay with Zelle, please use the phone number:(949) 903-1851

Nine Months of Guidance and Direction

We give you information, a detailed checklist, and step-by-step personal guidance and direction. You will learn how to submit to agencies, what kind of photos to use, what to say and do once they call you, and how to prepare to meet with them.

We teach you about the show business in your area. Your child’s photo and name will be featured on our Rising Star section and social media sites with current job bookings, interviews, and agent representation notifications.

Our program costs a one-time fee of $525 without contracts to sign or hidden or additional fees! Payments must be made in advance. Contact The Young Hollywood to ask about discounts for additional children.

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Guide Book

Ms. Henson's book "Kids Hollywood Magic: Insider Tips and Tricks to Get Your Child into Show Business " is now available! Order your copy today. The Book is available through various Book Stores such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com